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Our history

Nautilus was founded in 1923with the intention of creating mechanical items aimed exclusively at pleasure and racing sailing boats. At the beginning of the 1950s, following a company renewal process, the production was destined for supplies for the naval sector and highly competitive products began to be made that were supplied to the largest and most prestigious Italian passenger ships of the time. including Andrea Doria, Michelangelo and Raphael. ​

Towards the end of the 1960s, production for the nautical sector returned and revolutionary products made entirely of stainless steel were placed on the market for the first time. This happy intuition, both from the point of view of design and the quality of the products offered, guaranteed enormous success for the company that began to supply the best Italian and foreign shipyards, increasingly affirming its name in the national and international market.

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Currently Nautilus is a dynamic company willing to accept the stimulating challenges of the market with the awareness of being able to demonstrate its skills and its manufacturing talent in the design and production of:

​​​Automatic complanar sliding doors

Automatic curved or arched flat doors​​

Automatic circular veranda doors​

Telescopic internal doors with two or more leaves


Bi-fold hatches

​Automatic pantograph doors

​ Pantograph doors

Hinged doors with hidden hinges

Automated systems for interior doors

Barcarizzi pantograph​

Escape hatches

Coplanar automatic sliding windows

Liquid crystal internal doors or walls

Automatic sliding roofs​​

Portholes and windows in stainless steel for swimming pools​


The strong propensity for innovation, the continuous search for technological solutions and the intrinsic ability to satisfy the needs of its customers have always allowed the company to develop creative ideas and to create products of the highest quality.

The company boasts, in fact, a series of exclusive patents that identify and qualify it in its sector to which it belongs.

Attention to continuous market developments is directed both to the use of new materials and to the use of new processing methods, aimed at creating increasingly reliable products in line with regulatory standards.

This makes it possible to combine safety and technology on the one hand and functionality and aesthetics on the other.

The operational flexibility of the company not only guarantees each customer a customized design based on their requests but allows us to offer a consultancy and assistance service that extends from the design phase to the installation phase on board.

The business activity is governed by the principles of seriousness and transparency and the solid organizational structure, combined with rapid and precise management, allows us to offer services with high quality standards.

The presence of highly qualified personnel constitutes a real added value to the product offer and, if required, can provide training to construction site personnel regarding the assembly and registration of products.

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